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Keri Aronson, RMCHI

Keri Aronson is a licensed school counselor in New York and Florida. Currently, she is a Registered

Mental Health Counselor Intern in Florida. Previously, Keri worked for more than 20 years in New York City as a School Counselor. After she relocated to Florida, she continued her work as a School Counselor in Palm Beach County, Florida.She has extensive experience with elementary, middle and high school students and their families in a

broad range of areas including anxiety, social struggles, learning issues and ADHD. This includes

bullying, mindfulness, social and emotional literacy, mental health and effective parenting.

During these challenging times, Keri works with parents to help understand and support their children.

Her comprehensive work in schools differentiates her from many of her peers because she is able to

successfully help her patients and their parents cope with the challenges they encounter.

Keri earned a Master’s Degree from Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus with a concentration in

School counseling. She is currently a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern in Florida.

Keri is a mother of three children and truly understands the hurdles family’s encounter.